Welcome to Modern Mahavidyalaya

The main objective of the Mahavidyalaya is to achieve planned and coordinated development of the teacher education system throughout the country, the regulation and proper maintenance of Norms and Standards in the teacher education system and for matters connected therewith.

Name of Programme BEIEd & DPEd

Courses Offered

At present Modern Mahavidyalaya BEIEd & DPEd college is offering one course : Bachelor of Education (BEIEd & DPEd). The minimum educational qualification required for admission to BEIEd & DPEd course is Bachelor’s/Master Degree or equivalent with 50% Marks.

Facilities Available

Modern Mahavidyalaya BEIEd & DPEd College is well equipped with all the required facilities for the best possible development and growth of students. All the facilities at BEIEd & DPEd College are at par to latest technologies presently available.

Admission Procedures

Candidates may directly apply or come in person to the Admission Cell operating from the Head Office on address given above . Candidates should to read all the instructions given in the application form. The filled-in application forms should be submitted with relevant documents to the Admission Officer at the Admission Cell.


Career Counselling is also provided by the college. The students are exposed to various career options - academic or otherwise. Students are helped with lectures and short term courses to groom them for interviews and group discussions. HRD sections from industry conduct campus visits.


Campus presentations and interviews are regularly conducted. Final year students are encouraged to register for enrollment opportunities

Student Council

Each Year the students elect a Student Council, which consists of
The Student President and Vice-President
Presidents, Vice- Presidents and Treasurers of Student Societies
Class Representatives and Sub-Representatives from each year.

The Modern Mahavidyalaya College library is a fully computerised and is an open access lending library containing about 50,000 books on various disciplines. Each department also has a large collection of subject specific books, journals, periodicals and newspapers. A CD collection, computers and Internet access are part of the facilities.

Curriculum design and planning is executed with the objective of imparting basic knowledge of computers on the latest version of Windows operating system, the MS Office package and Internet Applications. All students of Loreto College are eligible for the compulsory courses. The department also conducts optional training on advanced application packages such as Photoshop, HTML & Web Designing.

The Placement Cell provides information regarding job prospects and opportunities for progression to Higher Study. Campus presentations and interviews are regularly conducted.Final year students are encouraged to register for enrollment opportunities.

Fact, Fiction, or Opinion?

To impart quality technical education to your aspirants at an affordable cost, to mould students as individuals with discipline, human values and inculcate ability in contributing to the technological growth of the country.

To create a well equipped centre for the youth to successfully pursue an BEIEd & DPEd , a professional carrier contributing to enhance the status of our nation and build the wealth of the world at large in the teaching field.